meHi! My name is Kelly..  a girl from Florida with a traveling gypsy soul.  I could say so much about myself, but here is 2 quick versions of who I am.. a short to-the-point one, and a slightly longer one.

The short to-the-point version About Me: I quit both of my jobs back home in Florida, took a one-way flight to Europe, and built/renovated the interior of a van with my boyfriend so that we can live and travel in the van full-time.  We move around without a set itinerary to unplanned destinations.  On this website I post #travel blogs and #happiness blogs and #vanlife blogs.   I hope to inspire you all to do what makes YOU happy in your own life while sharing beautiful places in the world.

♥The slightly longer version About Me: A few years back I quit my job as a special needs teacher (which I did for 7 years) in order to travel more.  At this time, I traveled to a new destination about once a month, while nannying and tutoring part-time for 2 amazing families while I was at home.  Throughout those 2 years I traveled solo, traveled with friends, and traveled with groups.  I did a lot of “firsts”, made it to a lot of new countries, and crossed a lot of things of my bucket list during that time.  I learned how being in the wilderness and seeing the world truly made me happy and the feeling didn’t compare to anything I’d ever felt. Each time I came home I was always itching to leave again right away and instantly became bored of the routine of home.  I kept thinking I needed to find a realistic way to make traveling a more permanent and fulltime thing.  This is what instilled the idea of “vanlife” into my mind, and I began researching and following others that live the lifestyle.  After living vicariously through other vanlifers for so long, I finally did it myself despite the fears and unknowns.  I hope to inspire you to always do what makes you happy, without letting anything or anyone else stand in your way.

On a more personal about me level, other than traveling I love: the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins, all animals, eating chicken nuggets, wearing black, gymnastics, Tom Petty’s music, and anything outdoors. I curse a lot, I like tequila, I eat a lot of potato chips, and I have terrible vocabulary. (Just trying to be more relatable and human to this huge “online” world). Hope you follow along with my travels and vanlife journey, wherever the road takes me!

Happy Travels!♥