Relax in the most beautiful treehouse in the world!

I don’t even know where to start other than with the most simple sentence: Yuquiyu is flat out amazing!  It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the opportunity to stay at.  Completely surrounded by the beauty of El Yunque National Rainforest, it is a nature lover’s paradise…  or just paradise for those looking to temporarily escape the stresses of their everyday life! yuquiyu-11

Yuquiyu is located in El Yunque (near Rio Grande) Puerto Rico.  This is just a short ride away from both San Juan and the airport.  The property owner has done a magnificent job building and maintaining the treehouses on the property.  You can tell he has meticulously and carefully thought out details to make them both simple yet modernized…  so I’d describe it as “modernized simplicity”.


view from laying in bed!

Each treehouse has 2 levels and they are built to comfortably fit 2 people.  The upper level has a futon-like full size bed that can be folded into a couch if desired for the daytime.  Next to that, there is a full granite kitchen equipped with a sink, microwave, mini fridge and gas stove.  The owner goes above and beyond and provides pots and pans, plates, utensils, cups, paper towels, dish soap, salt, pepper, and all the necessities for cooking basic meals in a kitchen.  The upper level also has storage closet with clothing hangers if needed. yuquiyu

The lower level is where the bathroom is located.  It is an open concept slate bathroom with the best shower I’ve ever used in my life.  A private rain shower wide open to the forest (you can completely close the windows if you want to, but why would you?)  It was a freeing feeling being open to the world knowing nobody would ever see me.  I’m not usually one for long showers, but I definitely took a very long shower in this one! 🙂yuquiyu-5

Plenty of fresh towels and tp are provided.. as well as organic shampoo, conditioner and soap!  I don’t think anyone could complain about this bathroom.yuquiyu-20

Yuquiyu’s treehouses are wide open to the world, yet they are so private at the same time.  You can open up windows and doors on all 4 sides if you’d like and the most you’d see is the other treehouse on the property.  If you don’t open the one side facing the other treehouse, you won’t see another soul.  The windows and doors are basically shutters with a screen layer on the inside of each of them.  I recommend closing all of them when the sun goes down if bugs and creatures bother you.  I had no issues with bugs during the day, but chose to close the doors after dark.  They all have a bolt lock on them if you feel the need to use them..  but I felt very safe on the property, even as a solo female traveler! yuquiyu-9

The views from the balcony and house speak for themselves.  You can sit there and get lost in your thoughts.  I went hiking all day and it was the perfect place to unwind afterward.  It faces the highest point (Yunque’s peak) which is visible from the balcony. (And a short car ride away to hike up to it!)


view from balcony


view from balcony

The property is located on a steep side of a mountain, but it is well-maintained and contains beautiful flowers and plants throughout.  You do have to park at the top of the hill and walk halfway down to get to your room.


view from creek below

The bottom of the property has a beautiful flowing creek coming from the top of the mountain.  The only sounds I heard during my stay were bugs chirping, birds singing and the creek running below (very relaxing). There is a trail that leads down to the bottom if you want to relax by the water.  Although it is a very clear trail, it is relatively steep and not paved.  (So if you are not in good physical condition or able to walk up and down hills, this place is not for you).


beautiful creek at bottom of property


new deck by creek

With all that being said, Yuquiyu may not be for everyone.  It does not have TVs, air conditioning, or luxurious amenities.  Bugs and lizards are plentiful, especially at night time.  But that is all part of the experience.  If any of that bothers you, you may not enjoy the place.  But I would find it hard to believe anyone would not enjoy it there.  It does have wifi, good LTE cell phone service (at least with AT&T provider) and multiple electrical outlets.  Bug spray and a flashlight are provided.. but I personally never needed either one.yuquiyu-17

The final reason why this place is better than others is the impeccable service.  Martin, the owner, goes above and beyond to make sure your stay is enjoyable.  He lives on the property if you have any questions (in his own little treehouse), but leaves you alone unless you need him.  Before you even arrive he sends emails of recommendations, maps, things to do, things around town, and what to expect.  Once you are there he shows you around and makes sure your treehouse is stocked with coffee, organic teas, granola, figs, honey, nuts, and locally grown organic fruit for you to enjoy.  I can’t thank him enough!!yuquiyu-6

If you need more of any of the food he provides, he is happy to provide as much as you like!  He provided me with so many oranges I was able to make a full glass of fresh juice out of them (juicer and magic bullet are also provided!)  Thanks Martin.

I genuinely highly recommend this place.  It is relaxing.  It is beautiful.  It is secluded (yet close to things).  It is peaceful.  It is unique.  It is one of a kind. It is Yuquiyu! 🙂 Click on their name or go to for more information!yuquiyu-4

Happy Travels!


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