Complete Guide to Self-Convert a Van into a Home

This page has detailed information of how to transform an empty van into a livable remote home. Click on each one (some coming soon) for the written guide.  If you prefer video tutorials, click on the video link below each one for a video guide.

  1. Cleaning Out Old Van/Treating Rust (if necessary)
  2. How to Install New Windows and a Roof Fan (if desired) 
  3. How to Insulate Your Van
  4. Setting up Power Options for your Van (batteries, solar panels, etc)
  5. How to Install Running Water in Your Van
  6. Choosing and Building the Layout 
  7. Choosing Appliances and Furnishings
  8. Flooring, Walls, and Ceiling 
  9. Misc. Things (drawer locks, bathroom options, decor)
  10. Enjoy Vanlife!