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These items will help you with your van’s plumbing and kitchen build.


Atwood 3-burner Propane Stove- SHOP NOW

The stove we have in our van.  Requires no electricity, runs on propane.  Requires a countertop as it will be mounted into and sit flush in the counter.


Singer Burner Portable Gas Stove – SHOP NOW

Another stove option that is portable and does not require being mounted into a countertop.  Can be stored in van or taken on a camping trip. Runs on Butane.


6 Gallon Water Tank- SHOP NOW

We have 3 of these in our van.  We wanted to get one large water tank, but realized it is often difficult to fill up a large tank without a hose or fill up station.  We find it easier to have multiple small ones that can easily be carried to public water sources, whether a sink or faucet at a park, etc.


Clear Vinyl Tubing Water Hose – 3/8” ID – SHOP NOW

This is the vinyl tubing we purchased to take the fresh water from the water tank into the sink faucet. It is the most affordable option, but not braided so very flexible.


Braided Vinyl Tubing Water Hose- 3/8” ID – SHOP NOW

Braided vinyl tubing to take the fresh water from the water tank into the sink faucet.  It is a bit more heavy duty than the one above this, so less flexible but more sturdy for high pressure.


12 Volt Fresh Water Pump – SHOP NOW

Electric 12volt water pump used to get fresh water from water tank to the sink faucet.  Has adjustable PSI and 2 gallons/minute.


Hose Clamps – SHOP NOW

When setting up your water supply, you will need some hose clamps to secure a tight fit of your water hosing around your water pump outlets and sink faucet hoses.


Butcher Block Countertop – SHOP NOW

These countertops are so durable and look awesome. They come in various types of wood (so varying shades of color) and varying lengths. Usually needs oil treated.


Laminate Countertop, various designs, ready in store- SHOP NOW

We used these countertops in our second van.  It weighs much less than butcher block, and is more affordable.  Very easy to clean.


12 Volt Energy Efficient Dometic Fridge/Cooler – SHOP NOW

One of the most popular fridges for the van life community because it is so energy efficient.  Comes in various sizes and dimensions if you click on the link you can see them.


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