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In the US, we ordered our van mattress from Mattress Insider (if you click that link it includes a 5% coupon, which adds up to a good discount off a mattress).  When we had a van in the UK, we ordered our mattress from Custom Size Beds.  I highly recommend both companies depending on your location.  They will custom make any odd size or shape mattress that you need.


Gel Memory Foam Mattress – SHOP NOW

Link above includes coupon for anything on Mattress Insider’s site but I HIGHLY recommend the “Elation” RV mattress.  It can be ordered in a typical size or custom made to fit any size you want.  It has 3 different layers of foam in it: a cooling gel foam, a rapid air foam, and a contour foam.  Combined they allow for a firm yet comfortable and COOLING mattress.  In addition, they make one side firm and one side soft so you can flip it over and use it to your preference.  Read the reviews on it.. they’re amazing. Perfect for a vehicle.


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