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Shop other miscellaneous items we personally used during our van build and while living in the van. Click any item for more info or to buy it now.


Maxx Air Maxx Fan Plus- 14” Ceiling Fan – SHOP NOW

A cieling/roof fan is a must while living in a vehicle.  Insulation is only capable of doing so much for temperature control.  This fan has multiple settings, including both intake & exhaust (blowing air either out or into vehicle as needed) as well as a rain sensor that automatically closes when it senses rain.  10 fan speed settings and remote control. Most importantly, it is 12volt. Products used to install are below on this page.


Roof Rack for 2002-2006 Sprinter Van- SHOP NOW

Roof rack we purchased for our van.  Clips into sides of vans so you don’t have to screw into the exterior of your roof.  Adjustable width between the bars.  Good for mounting solar panels onto.


3M Adhesive Sealant – SHOP NOW

The adhesive sealant we used while installing our roof fan.  Cures in 24 hours and provides a tight seal between fan and vehicle.


Starbrite Rust Eater and Converter- SHOP NOW

We used this product in our van to treat a few rust spots before starting our van build.  It helps convert the red oxides in rust back to metal. If you have any rust on your van/vehicle, I highly recommend using this product to prevent further rusting.


Rustoleum Professional Primer Paint Spray, 15oz, SHOP NOW

After applying the Starbrite rust converter product above this one, we used this Rustoleum primer before painting over the previously rusted area.

418OBMcC1-LRustoleum Professional High Performance Spray Paint, 15oz, White, SHOP NOW

The paint we used to spray our metal flooring of our van before beginning our build. We used this as the final step of treating our rusted spots.

» A video of how to remove rust from a vehicle using these products can be found here «


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