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Shop for options to go to the bathroom and shower while living on the road.


5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag- SHOP NOW

5 Gallons of water that heat up while sitting in the sunshine.  Hang the bag from anywhere to shower.  We often hang ours from the rear or side door of our van.


Tankless Water Heater with attached shower head – SHOP NOW

Runs on propane.  Awesome choice if you want hot water on the road without sacrificing your battery power. Comes in many different sizes.


Portable Toilet – Requires no Plumbing – SHOP NOW

We hide this inside of our bench seat so you cannot see it when it is not in use.  Never smells when used with tank deodorizer or cleaner + Easy to empty.


PortaPotty deodorizer and cleaner – SHOP NOW


Pop up Shower Tent- SHOP NOW

Shower outdoors without worrying about being seen by someone.  Or if you don’t have a space that works for both storage and usage of your portapotty, you can use it inside this tent outdoors while camping.


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