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There are a myriad of products people use to insulate their vans including polyiso, XPS, EPS, fiberglass, wool, reflectix, and foam.  Our prior Sprinter van build we used Polyiso boards ( to see a video of “how to insulate” a van with polyiso boards, click the link below). With our second Sprinter van build, we chose to use sheep’s wool.  It is a matter of personal preference as to which is right for you, so I listed all product options here.

→»A video of us insulating our van can be found by clicking here. «←

r-matte-foam-board-insulation-w-n5075x-64_1000Polyiso Insulation Boards- 3/4” – SHOP NOW

These are the boards you will glue (with glue below) directly onto the metal of your walls and ceiling.  There is foil on one side of the boards.  The sheets come in varying thickness from 1/2” to 2”.  You can layer them on top of one another to your desired thickness of insulation to keep you comfortable.  We opted for the 3/4” sheets.  They contain no harmful chemicals to breathe. They are more rigid than XPS or EPS boards, but can still be cut to shape easily (we used a stanley blade to cut to shapes needed).

71c36LFuoNL._SL1500_3M Spray Adhesive- Hi Strength 90- SHOP NOW 

This is the spray adhesive glue that we used to glue our polyiso boards directly onto the metal walls and ceiling of our van.  It is industrial strength and resists moisture and mildew to prevent any mold from happening.  Highly recommend.


3M Spray Adhesive Super 77- SHOP NOW

Similar to the 3M 90 Spray above this, Super 77 is a strong spray adhesive that can be used to glue insulation boards directly onto the metal.  It is a dollar or 2 cheaper than the 90 spray.


Nashua Premium Foil Tape – SHOP NOW

We used this foil tape to cover metal places in the van that were difficult or impossible to cover with Polyiso boards.  We used this tape on both of the wheel wells, in the ceiling grooves before covering the ceiling, and across the bridges on the walls after filling them with spray foam.  It has foil on both sides of the tape, and serves as a great sealant to help prevent moisture/mold/mildew.


Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks- SHOP NOW

This is a spray foam that we used to fill all of the small areas between polyiso boards.  All of the gaps and cracks, and inside all of the bridges on the walls and ceiling that were hard to reach places.  It expands to seal and insulate any remaining exposed areas.  You will most likely need a lot of cans to do this part accurately.  Honestly, Home Depot (click) seems to have the cheapest price for it by a significant amount. ($3/can at Home Depot).


Reflectix – SHOP NOW

When used properly, reflectix is a great way to reflect light/temperature.  We used this specifically to cover the glass of all our windows when not using our windows.  Simply cut to the exact shape of each window to act as both insulation and privacy.  Some choose to cover their entire interior of their van with reflectix.. if you choose to do this be sure to leave a small air gap between it and the wall to maximum effectiveness.


Kilmat Sound Deadening – SHOP NOW

Sound deadening sheets help make your vehicle’s ride a bit quieter. It helps to reduce road noise, rattling and vibrations that often occur in large vehicles such as vans. Comes in a variety of thicknesses and can order as many square feet as you need.


Sound Deadening Installation Roller – SHOP NOW

Makes installation of sound deadening sheets easy and effective.  (like the Kilmat listed above this product)


Maxx Air Maxx Fan Plus- 14” Ceiling Fan – SHOP NOW

A cieling/roof fan is a must while living in a vehicle.  Insulation is only capable of doing so much for temperature control.  This fan has multiple settings, including both intake & exhaust (blowing air either out or into vehicle as needed) as well as a rain sensor that automatically closes when it senses rain.  10 fan speed settings and remote control.  Most importantly, it is 12volt.


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