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Shop everything needed to power your remote home off grid. We found that Amazon had the best prices for everything by far compared to auto shops in town.


VMax AGM Deep Cycle Battery – SHOP NOW

12Volt AGM Deep Cycle Battery with 125 amp hours.  We have 2 of these in our van for a total of 250ah.  Can connect to solar panels below to help charge them, or solely charge when van is running from the alternator. We charge between both options.  Depending on the amount of electrics you have/use, will determine the amount of amp hours you need.

61LxuG9oaxL._AC_SL1000_Renogy 300Watt Solar Panels + Installation Kit- SHOP NOW

Solar panels are a necessity while living full-time on the road in our opinion.  Keep your leisure battery charged by the sunshine.  Especially useful for the periods of time that you don’t drive for long hauls (when the vehicles alternator can charge the battery).  This kit comes with everything you need to install: a charge controller, mounting brackets, cables, and adapter kit. You can change the amount of panels/watts to however many you want.


12 Volt LED Ceiling Lights, Warm White- SHOP NOW


12 Volt USB Charging Outlet- SHOP NOW


Renogy Solar Panel Cable Connectors- SHOP NOW

When connecting your panels in parallel, these branch connectors allow you to easily connect all your positive wires from each panel into 1 positive wire, and all your negative wires from each panel into 1 negative wire.  The number of branches you need is the number of panels you have.  3 solar panels = 3 branches.


Solar Panel Cable Entry Housing- SHOP NOW

Important piece to have.  Goes around the hole you cut in your van’s roof for the solar panel cables to enter the vehicle.  When sealed properly, this prevents any water/rain/weather from getting inside your vehicle.

81b8icZs55L._SX522_.jpg12 Volt, 150amp, Battery Isolator

When charging your leisure battery from your alternator battery, this allows the electrical current to flow in one direction but not the other.  Meaning the alternator battery can charge the leisure, but the leisure won’t affect your alternator battery’s charge.


12 Circuit Fuse Box- SHOP NOW

Simple 12 volt fuse box for the living area of your van.  12 circuits.


3000W Inverter – SHOP NOW

Transfers 12V DC current into AC current so you are able to power anything that uses a typical household electrical outlet.


Car Battery Copper Cable Wire- SHOP NOW

If you plan on charging your leisure battery when your van is running, through the alternator, this wire connects the alternator battery under the hood of the vehicle to the leisure battery in the body of your vehicle. This wire is 1 gauge.


4 Gauge Black/Red Welding Battery Copper Cable- SHOP NOW

Using this wire to connect the leisure battery to our leisure battery’s fuse box.


Battery Ring Terminals/Battery Wire connectors – SHOP NOW

The battery ring terminals we used on our 4 gauge wire.. meaning the terminals we used when connecting the fuse box to the leisure battery.


150amp ANL Fuse and Holder

When connecting the alternator battery to the leisure battery (with the 1 gauge copper wire above), it is important to have a fuse in between the batteries (1 before each battery) to protect the batteries from a surge of power.


125 Amp Fuse and Holder

Used this 125amp fuse to connect our fuse box to our leisure battery.  Protects the fuse box.  The small piece of wire that comes with it is just extra, does not need to be used.


Electrical Wire Connectors Assorted – SHOP NOW

81mdQsmvKRL._SL1500_Quick Splice Wire Connectors Assorted- SHOP NOW


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