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Structural shop for what we used on both the exterior & interior (exterior windows + interior carpentry)


AMA Slider Windows- Open sideways halfway- SHOP NOW

We ordered these windows (2 side sliders & 2 solid rear) directly from VanWindowsDirect, who work closely with the AMA manufacturer. Packaged great upon arrival and look awesome on the van.  Sit flush with 17% tint.  Amazon sells them for sprinter van years 2007 and newer.  Ours is a 2005, so we ordered through VWD.

>>Video of us installing these windows can be found by clicking here.<<


Sikaflex P2G (Window Adhesive)- SHOP NOW

The adhesive we used to bond the windows above to our van.  Super strong, easy to use, works well.


Rustoleum Protective Enamel- SHOP NOW 

Putting this in the structural section because it is what we used to protect the freshly cut/exposed metal of window frame after cutting hole for the window.  The exposed metal will be prone to rust more quickly without some sort of protection on it.


Tongue & Groove Boards (ceiling panels) – SHOP NOW

We used these tongue and groove wood boards for our ceiling.  Easily painted to any color of your choice.  Can get in various lengths.


2×2 Treated Pine- SHOP NOW

We made the framework for our bench, storage, cabinets, and bed out of this wood.  If metal framework is not in your budget, this wood works great.  It is sturdy and easily painted.  We used it in both of our van builds.


White Melamine Board (cabinet doors) – SHOP NOW

Melamine board works perfect for cabinet doors.  It wipes off easily, can be bought in various sizes to cut into your custom sizes, and provides a clean looking finish.


Vinyl Flooring – SHOP NOW

Either vinyl or laminate flooring works perfect for a van build.  It cleans very easily and provides a professional look for those on a budget (as opposed to solid wood floors).


White Bead Board Panel – SHOP NOW

4×8 bead board panels are one option to cover your walls.  It is very thin so will need a stronger support behind it (layer of plywood for instance).  Provides a bright, clean, inviting finish for your van walls.


White Shiplap – SHOP NOW

Another option to finish your walls.  Strong and sturdy with tongue and grooves to connect each shiplap panel to one another.


Cabinet Door Handles Metal- SHOP NOW


Cabinet Door Handles Black- SHOP NOW


Gas Struts – SHOP NOW

If you have overhead cabinets, you are going to want these.  They not only hold the cabinets open for you, but you can also set them in a specific spot to stop the doors from opening further than necessary so the doors don’t hit your ceiling when open.  Very convenient when loading things into the cabinets and take things out of the cabinet. Come in various sizes.


Surface mount hinges – SHOP NOW

We used these hinges on all of our cabinet doors.  They are surface mount so they do not require you to drill the large hole in your cabinet doors that most hinges require.


SOFT CLOSING drawer slides – SHOP NOW

We put soft closing drawer slides in our van and it is one of the best decisions we made compared to our first van’s non-soft closing ones.  They never slam shut and work perfectly.  These ones are 18” deep but they come in lots of varying lengths.


Cabinet Magnets- SHOP NOW

If you have cabinets, you are going to want to make sure they do not open when you drive/move the vehicle around.  These easy to install magnets will ensure they stay shut during movement.


Back Splash Tile – SHOP NOW


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