Hi! My name is Kelly.  I’m a 30 something female from South Florida.  In 2018, my British boyfriend Dave and I self-converted a used van into our full-time home and traveled all throughout Europe in it.  It was the most challenging, exciting, and amazing year of my life.  So much so that we decided to self-convert a second van in North America.  In 2019 we lived in that van full-time and drove from Florida to Alaska and back, stopping at so many places in between.  Currently in 2020, we are living and traveling in our 3rd van within 3 years.  This time a smaller mini van.  Prior to meeting each other and living van life together, Dave and I both traveled extensively as individuals.  We’ve traveled solo, in groups, and with friends.  I like nature, roads less traveled, hiking, being outdoors, wildlife, and landscape.

On this site, I share in depth details of how we built out our van and the products we used to do so, as well as informative travel blogs and photos we take of the places we explore. I love to promote getting outside, hiking, national parks, respecting wildlife, and also doing what makes YOU happy.  So every once in awhile I write about happiness hoping to inspire you to DO what makes you happy, no matter what challenges are thrown your way.

To read an in-depth story of how Dave and I met and began van life together, click here.