meHi! My name is Kelly.  I’m a 30 something female from South Florida.  However, I am usually traveling around the world sharing my experiences with others.  I love being outdoors, hiking mountains, swimming in oceans, immersing myself in nature, photographing landscape, and really just doing anything adventurous on the roads less traveled.  I believe it is never too late to start your journey to what makes YOU happy.  On this site, I hope to inspire you all to do what makes you happy in your own life, while sharing informative blogs and pictures of beautiful places in this world from my own travel experiences.

More detailed about me: After years of living vicariously through others while moping about how bored I was with my own life, I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my stationary jobs based at home in Florida.  I put my stuff into storage bins,  took a one-way flight to Europe, and renovated the interior of a van with my boyfriend to live and travel in the van full-time.  We moved around without a set itinerary to unplanned destinations.  This was my most life-changing year to date.  Every day presented challenges and frustrations, yet I never felt happier because I was doing what I always wanted to. Traveling and exploring earth’s natural beauty is my passion in life.  I will never stop exploring, no matter what challenges are thrown my way.

Happy Travels!♥