Hi! My name is Kelly.  I’m a 30 something female from South Florida.   Although I’m a college graduate with a degree in Psychology, and was a special needs teacher in past years, I have since decided to do what makes me truly happy instead.  I love to live very minimally while exploring the  world around us.

Since 2018, my British boyfriend Dave and I have self-converted 3 cargo vans into camper vans to live and travel in.  In 2018, we traveled full-time in our first van throughout 12 countries in Europe.  In 2019, we lived in our second van full time and took 6 months to drive from Florida to Alaska and back.  In 2020, we built a smaller minivan to part-time travel in Europe before the pandemic began.  Now in 2021, we are back in the US with a 4th van we plan to convert for longterm offgrid living.  Living vanlife has provided some of the most challenging yet exciting and amazing years of my life, allowing me to see places I would have never otherwise been able to experience.  It has not come easy, and it definitely comes with struggles, but we love to do it regardless, and love to share our life on here with anyone interested.

On this site, I share in depth details of how we built out our van and the products we used to do so, as well as informative travel blogs and photos we take of the places we explore.  I love to promote getting outside, hiking, taking the roads less traveled, national parks, respecting wildlife, and also doing what makes YOU happy.  Even if my content is mainly van or wilderness related, I want you to do what makes you happy. So every once in awhile I write about happiness hoping to inspire you to DO what makes you happy, no matter what challenges are thrown your way.

Prior to meeting each other, Dave and I both traveled extensively as individuals.  We’ve traveled solo, in groups, and with friends.  But then we met online and the rest is history. Click the link below to read our fun story of how we met 🙂

To read an in-depth story of how Dave and I met and began van life together, click here.