Corrieshalloch Gorge & Falls of Measach

There seems to be a waterfall on every corner in northwest Scotland (which is amazing!). Some falls can be seen from the road while others require a full days hike to see. Corrieshalloch Gorge contains a beautiful one called Falls of Measach. To see the falls, it only requires a short walk that almost any ability level can complete. It is located near the seaside town of Ullapool, Scotland, which is only an hour drive from Inverness.

Falls of Measach

Length: 320 meters (.2 miles) one way, go there and back for a total of .4 miles *OR * a 1.1 km (.7 miles) loop.

Parking: Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve Lot.. click here for parking lot on Google maps – parking by coin donation

Terrain: the short there-and-back trail is unpaved with a slight decline on the way there/incline on return, but it is wide and maintained. The longer loop trail becomes a bit narrower with a few more tree roots. Both are through woodlands and are rated easy. You will cross a suspension bridge across a deep canyon for beautiful views of the falls and gorge below.

More detailed Information:

The trailhead picture below will be located in the parking lot. The purple dotted lines of “walk 1” show the shorter path down to the suspension bridge. The longer loop option of “walk 2” is shown starting with the red dotted lines, followed by the yellow dotted lines, and ending with the purple dotted lines. You start by going right from the sign to walk the shorter route, or by going left from the sign to walk the longer route.

Both directions will take you through woodlands and both eventually reach the suspension bridge pictured below. Although it is high up above the gorge, it is very sturdy. Cross the bridge to cross the gorge. Don’t forget to look down 🙂 Below the bridge, the River Droma flows and plunges 46 meters downward to create the Falls of Measach.

After you cross the suspension bridge, you can choose to walk slightly further to a viewing platform. You will get a better view of the falls below the suspension bridge from this viewing platform.

After the viewing platform you will retrace your steps back to the suspension bridge. After you re-cross the bridge, return to the parking lot by going left. Ascend up the hill for quick .2 miles and you will be back at the parking lot. Enjoy!!

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