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Why you need to visit PAGE, Arizona

img_3162Unless you are from the area, chances are you have never heard of Page.  Being from Florida, I hadn’t either until recently. But have you heard of Horseshoe Bend or Antelope Canyon?  They are 2 of nature’s most beautiful creations.. and guess where they are located? PAGE!  It may be a small town.. but it’s a small town with an immense amount of beauty!  I was there last week and here is why I think you need to visit Page!

1.  Horseshoe BendfullsizerenderHorseshoe bend is part of Glen Canyon where the Colorado River bends around like a horseshoe.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  You park in a lot and then hike a real short walk (about .75 miles one way.. 1.5 roundtrip).  Midday is the best time for lighting, but if it’s cloudy it will look the same regardless (clouds actually looked better in my pictures!)  In the summer time it will be packed with people.. so if you’re not into crowds, head there in the wintertime like I did! Regardless of when you go, it’s definitely a beautiful site to see! National Park Website


Taken in the morning.. notice the sun isn’t high enough to light the entire bend yet

2.  Antelope Canyon

img_3177Antelope Canyon is worth the trip to Page without any other reason. There are 2 canyons referred to as “upper” and “lower” canyons.  My pictures are all from upper Antelope canyon.  Today, they are accessible by tour only because it is on preserved Navajo land.  I booked my tour through Antelope Canyon Tours and I HIGHLY recommend them.  My guide was amazing.. he knew ALL about photography and took the time to take everyone’s pictures on our own cameras or phones.  The tour starts with a 15ish minute ride in the truck (pictured below) on both paved road then off-roading on the Navajo land to the Canyon entrance.  From there you are in the canyons for about an hour (on the sightseer’s tour.. read more below)img_3201

All canyons consist mainly of smooth sandstone, formed from flash floods and rainwater during monsoon seasons.  To this day, if there is flash flooding it is possible that the entire canyon walls can be filled to the top with water.  Majority of the year it is not raining, however, and that is why this place is so beautiful.


During the summer (or if you’re lucky in winter) rays of light will shine in through holes in the top providing unreal pictures.  For this reason, they say summer is the best time to visit for photographers.  But just like Horseshoe Bend, there is FAR less visitors in the winter time, making for an enjoyable experience.  If you are SUPER into photography and need a few hours to take pictures on your tripod, they provide “photography tours”  (about $100-125) which last a bit longer than the “sightseer’s tour”.  I personally opted for the cheaper sightseer’s tour ($38-45) and thought it was the perfect amount of time (however, FYI tripods and backpacks were not allowed on the sightseer’s tour…)

The canyons do get dark in some parts, which is why 11:30am is the best time for a tour. The sun doesn’t always shine through the top of the canyons.


the ride to the canyon entrance

3. Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell is beautiful and huge and has multiple boat tours you take on it.  Check out for more on the boat tours.  You can also hike down to/around the lake in multiple places.  The dam is also a beautiful site on the water.  Whether you just stop for pictures or complete the dam tour (only $5 and just as impressive as the Hoover Dam, only without any of the tourists, making it so. much. better.)

img_3245The dam uses water (hydroelectric power) to provide electricity to 200 million people in small towns.

4. The amazing geography/rock structures


I went out venturing in random places and found the sandstone and red rocks to be great for both pictures and walking on.  img_3217

5. Small town feel/Nice people

Ok besides all of the beautiful landmarks, the people are nice too.  After a long day, I went to Dam Bar & Grille and the owner happened to be sitting next to me at the bar.  He was helpful in answering my questions of things to do, and even tried calling people he knew to get me out on some excursions.  I love small towns for that reason.  The residents always seem to be a tad more willing to help and be friendly.

CONCLUSION: Page, Arizona is a small town that has some of the most breathtaking nature around.  If you like the outdoors and nature, be sure to take 2 days (that’s all you need, so no excuses!) to explore this beautiful city!

-Kelly 🙂

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