10 reasons why traveling solo ROCKS

So everyone wants to travel, but few people want to do it alone… Personally, I think it’s wonderful.  Here’s 10 reasons why I think you should travel solo at least once in your life! 

1. You can do the things you want to: Ever really want to do something but the people you’re with don’t feel like it, don’t like it, would complain about doing it?  NOT WHEN YOU’RE ALONE… When you travel solo you do what you truly want to do.  Whether that’s a long crazy hike for 10 hours outside in the wilderness, heading to the bar to sit down with a cold beer, or laying in bed because it’s cold and you don’t want to get up.  When you travel solo YOU get to choose what you want to do, at all times. You are the master of creating the itinerary.

2. You do things WHEN you want to: tired and want to call it an early night? you can do that! want to wake up early to catch that sunrise picture in the perfect spot? you can do that too! Want to randomly add a last minute adventure to your day? guess what? nobody else will tell you you can’t..  you make your own schedule and alter it whenever you want to, even on a whim!  In the end, this makes planning SO much easier.

3. You don’t have to worry about others: kind of going hand in hand with the first 2.. you don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone else or pleasing anyone else.. no constantly worrying in your head if your travel partner is happy with what you’re doing, or feeling bad if they’re tired when you want to explore, that they’re hungry when you aren’t yet, that they don’t like the music you’re playing.. anything! Everyone is different and different things make them happy at different times.

4. You can have an open door policy: literally… go to the bathroom with the door open, shower with the door open, walk around your hotel room nude.  No need to awkwardly cover yourself with a towel as you are trying to get dressed after your shower. No need to run the water in the shower or sink while you use the bathroom in attempt block out the sound of your poo splashing in the pot.  It’s only your eyes and ears around (typically) and it’s way easier that way.

5. You meet people you otherwise wouldn’t: Sure you socialize with people whether you travel solo or with other people.. but you definitely socialize with others more when you’re alone! When you’re alone that fact by itself is usually a conversation starter.  People will typically ask why you’re alone, or where you traveled from, or why you are there… they are intrigued by the fact that you’re alone and the conversation goes from there.  I know I have spoken to people in airports, on tours, at bars, etc. that I wouldn’t have if I was with a group.  You never know when you’ll meet the right person with a hook up for a future trip or a genuinely nice person to talk to.. definitely a good thing. (On the flip side.. if you don’t want to talk to anyone for a week, YOU DON’T HAVE TO EVER OPEN YOUR MOUTH).

6. You step outside your comfort zone: Most people find being alone scary, boring, lonely, etc.. but when you realize you don’t NEED anyone else to travel and do things (you just WANT other people there) you can step outside and make yourself a little uncomfortable and GROW.  It can feel awkward taking selfies everywhere of yourself, it can feel lonely being in a hotel room alone, but if you look at it differently it can be INSPIRING, SELF-IMPROVING, and you will do things you thought you never could.

7. You learn you’re capable of more than you realize: You think you’re too scared to fly on a plane by yourself, that you’re too shy to meet new people, that you could never climb that mountain without someone there motivating you…  But then you do it alone and you realize you CAN do anything.  You feel a sense of pride that you’ve never felt. You realize you can be strong and independent and happy with yourself alone if you just take that risk.  You will be proud of yourself from within instead of looking for compliments from other people.

8. You can take time self-reflect and have “me time” Even if you don’t think you enjoy being alone or you think you don’t need “me time”, it is something everyone should learn to relish.  When you’re solo, you’ll realize what you think about when nobody else is around.  In the hustle of your everyday life you may not have a chance to sit and reflect.  “Me time” may allow you to set new goals for yourself, allow you to step back and appreciate your surroundings, and provide solutions to current issues in your life.  It is important to “check-in” with yourself from time to time to make sure you’re on track to do what truly makes you happy in life.

9. It’s easy to stay in your budget When you’re alone you can stick to your budget. If you’re low on funds you can settle for the street vendor or fast food.  You can get that smaller budget hotel room or cheap single-room Airbnb since you don’t need much space.  You won’t be persuaded into fancy dinners or forced into spending in places you don’t want to.

10. You can learn to be happy anywhere At least that’s what I’m realizing.  Home is where the heart is, but there is heart everywhere.  There is evil everywhere but there is also good everywhere.  Traveling alone opens your eyes to the world and to yourself.  You alone are responsible for your happiness, and you CAN be happy alone.

So get out there people, TRAVEL ALONE AT LEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIFE! 🙂

-Kelly 🙂



Solo Travel is Liberating and Freeing

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