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Hiking to Devil’s Bridge



Devil’s Bridge Trail  is a beautiful hike with an amazing end point.  The ending point is the largest natural sandstone arch (“bridge”) in Sedona.  The entire trail is well marked and very hard to get lost on.  It has multiple view points along the way that are gorgeous.  I saw a couple children and even an 81 year old man doing this hike.. so there is NO excuse as to why you should not get your butt there!

It is located in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.   The trail has a few options as far as distance goes.. but the main most popular trail is 3.6 miles roundtrip (about 1.8 miles each way).  The first mile is on an old rocky road that jeeps, trucks, and ATV’s can drive on if you so choose.  A sedan car/rental car/most cars would NOT be able to drive on this road as it is filled with large rocks and pot holes.  The pictures below show cars that would be able to make it (and cut off walking that first mile).  If you prefer a longer quieter trail you can opt to walk the Chuck Wagon Trail instead.

As with any hike, the earlier you get there, the better chance you have to have it to yourself!  This hike is popular thus it is heavily trafficked by midday.  I went at about 830am and saw a few folks along the way.. with only couple cars in the parking lot.  Later in the day, the entire parking lot was filled to capacity and overflowing onto the street.  My biggest tip in all of my travel blogs is to GO PLACES EARLY.  Even if you’re not a morning person, getting up early is worth the crowd-free atmosphere.  It makes every hike/landmark/point of interest so much more enjoyable when it is not filled with other people.  You can take your time, hear nature instead of other peoples conversations, and have better opportunities to take quality pictures.  If you go to Devil’s Bridge in the late morning through evening, it WILL be filled with people.


To begin, you park your car in the “Dry Creek Vista Trailhead” parking lot.  It is located of Dry Creek Road and pretty hard to miss.


From there, you begin the hike.  As mentioned above, the first mile you walk on is an old wide rocky street.  There is not much change of scenery here, although you do pass some beautiful rock formations along the way.

After a mile, you will reach the “fork in the road” where trucks can no longer drive, and the trail narrows into the fun part.

The trail will then slowly become more and more rocky, and more and more inclined.

There will be a few places with amazing lookouts on the way up (pictured below).


You will know when you are close to Devil’s Bridge when the trail becomes a steep incline made up entirely of rocks.  This is the only part of the trail that may be hard for those who are out-of-shape or not in good physical condition.

If you make it up the steep incline of rocks, congratulations, you will have MADE IT TO DEVIL’S BRIDGE.fullsizerender

Then it’s time to get your nerves in check and  walk out onto Devil’s Bridge! (You don’t have to, but if you’ve made it there why wouldn’t you?!)  It kind of goes unsaid that one group or person goes at a time to get their pictures in.  At least that’s how it worked when I got there since there was only 3 other people up there.  I had time to do a mini photoshoot (pro of GOING EARLY). I’m a crazy person and did cartwheels and jumps up there, but most simply stand and smile for a picture and walk back off of it.fullsizerender_1

After you sit and take in the beautiful views from the top, you can hike underneath the bridge and see it from below.  To get here, when you are walking back down the rock stairs from the top of the bridge, there will be a small thin trail your right hand side, leading to the underside of the bridge.


under the bridge


Devil’s Bridge hike is a relatively easy  and open trail in the beginning followed by steep incline trail at the end.  The earlier in the morning you get there the better as you will beat the crowds.  It is dog friendly if your pooch likes to hike.  The beautiful ending point (the bridge itself) is what the hike is all about… it has beautiful views and it is so worth it!


-Kelly 🙂


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