My first solo travel experience… was amazing!

(Since I don’t typically date my blogs, just want to say this was written in 2016…)–  I have been seriously slacking on my blog.  Since my last post forever ago, I did some new things that I am extremely proud of myself for.  I have been on hundreds of plane rides in my life to a hundred different places, but somehow or another I have never flown alone….

until a few weeks ago.  And not only did I fly alone, but I flew internationally alone.  This was then followed by spending the night in a city/country I’d never been to alone… and venturing around town exploring by myself…. and believe it or not, it was so so so enjoyable!! (and opened the door to so many future trips now..)

I wasn’t really scared of any of it, except for my irrational thoughts of the plane crashing down into the ocean with no loved ones to hold onto as it does.  Everyone told me to be so careful, that they were nervous that I was alone, to check in with them as often as I could, that I was brave, etc etc…. So other people were actually more afraid than I was.  I probably walked 10 miles around a big city, through the good and bad parts (whoops) and even crashed a big festival where everyone was welcoming and friendly and everyone was always intrigued and inspired by the fact that I was alone.  To be honest, that part made me feel most confident. 

The best part about it was how nice it was to have some “me time”… to think about life, to do what I wanted, when I wanted to do it, go to places I wanted to see, leave places when I wanted to leave, all without worrying about what other people wanted to do or making someone else happy.  That sounds so selfish, but once in awhile it’s needed.  I challenge you to worry about only YOU for just a day… try it.

Even if you don’t enjoy it as much as I did, you will at least learn something about yourself.  Whether it’s a new fear or a new feeling.  I’m a pretty self-conscious person and not proud of myself often (even though I should be), but I felt proud of myself.  I felt accomplished.  I felt confident.  I felt in charge. I felt happy.  

I also met a bunch of cool people.  People I probably wouldn’t have spoken to if I wasn’t alone.. At restaurants, at places I stopped, in my hotel, but especially in the airport.  I never realized how many people do this, until I was one of them.  There was people from all over the world doing exactly the same adventurous wanderlust things I was doing.  When I thought I had a long 5 hour layover, I met a guy from Australia who was spending the night in the airport for his 12 hour layover… happy as hell, laying on the dirty floor of an airport with his bag as a pillow, just living his dreams.  

Now I didn’t spend my entire trip alone.  In fact I spent the majority of my trip with one of my good friends (she was amazing, special shout out to you Sena).  I’m sure I would have been lonely if I was alone more than a few days…. but the 4 flights/3 nights that I did spend alone, it was a great learning and growing experience and I can’t tell you enough that you need to get out and push yourself past your limits.  Life your life.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Set goals and chase them.  If they don’t make sense to someone else, who cares. Find what makes you happy and do it.  If you think you can’t, try anyway. If you’re scared, good. Face that fear. Everything works out if you give it a chance to begin with…. if it doesn’t work out, have patience… but don’t give up. I hope to keep challenging myself, find new adventures, do new things, see new places, keep improving myself, and continue to let go of things that don’t make me happy.

Love you all….now where to next….. 🙂 

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