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A weekend in Nashville, TN


I had no New Years plans and wanted to getaway somewhere for the weekend.  So, I booked a last minute flight (of course) to music city! (Nashville, Tennessee).  I am usually a nature lover and like to venture out to the middle of nowhere, but since I was only there for 3 nights I squeezed in as much as I could without venturing far from the city.  I did not have a rental car.. walking and short uber rides was all I needed! (Ubers are EVERYWHERE there by the way). Anyway, a weekend ended up being the perfect amount of time to spend there!


Chances are if you’re headed to Nashville it’s because you like country music and local bars.  You will find PLENTY of that in downtown Nashville.  On Broadway street (the main road downtown), there are countless country bars.  They are all next to one another, majority of them having live bands that play continuously throughout the day and night. You will NOT have a shortage of country music or dancing. The bands even stood on the bar in front of me and played their instruments/stomped their feet without knocking my beer over! This is a very fun area and the day will turn to night, which will turn to late night before you know it.img_4208

No rental car is needed in this area (actually, it would probably make it more difficult) as everything is close and parking is scarce.  A few of the bars I enjoyed most were: The Stage, Tootsie’s and Crazy Town.  All of them have multiple floors, and each floor has a different band playing on it (all country/classic rock bands).bqfj2887

When you have had enough to drink and you’re ready to venture out from the hustle of Broadway, there are a few places you need to check out. These include:

The Parthenon Replica/ Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a large park about 2 miles away from the end of Broadway.  It has multiple points of interest, but the main one is the replica of the greek Parthenon.  The architecture was gorgeous and it was way larger than I had expected.  Free activity.img_4370


Country Music Hall of Fame


The Country Music Hall of Fame is a museum in the middle of downtown Nashville.  It has multiple floors of various items from country artists throughout the years.  You can’t go to Nashville without going to this museum.  Information about artists from all generations are here for everyone to enjoy.  I am not typically a museum person, but if you are, make sure you check it out! It was raining the day I went here, so it was the perfect indoor activity. Price was $25/adult for general admission.

Grand Ole Opry and Resort

The Grand Ole Opry has weekly music performances in the evening.  It was founded in the 1920’s and many famous country artists have performed here throughout the years.  It is located about  25 minutes from downtown Nashville.  You can enter the Opry during the daytime by tour only which costs $26/person.

Belle Meade Plantation

Belle Meade is a historic 30 acre plantation built in the 1800’s that now serves as a museum to the public.  You can opt for a tour or walk the grounds independently, viewing the old slave quarters and living conditions of the plantation.  It is located about 20 minutes outside of downtown (a short Uber ride away).

Price was $20/adult for general admission. For more information and all your questions, refer to their website: Belle Meade

Bicentennial Park/Capitol Building

Pedestrian bridge across the river to the stadiumimg_4271


Last but not least, FOOD: When you’re done exploring and have worked up an appetite, Nashville is known for it’s hot chicken.  Locals told us of 2 places to get the best hot chicken and they are Hattie B’s Hot Chicken & Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack. If you’re a fan of spice, check them out!! So yum.

All in all, Nashville is a fun, busy, “country city” with a good soul.  You can’t leave Nashville without having a good time!

Contact me for any questions! Happy Travels!


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