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These items are must haves when living minimally… whether in a van, bus, tent, or just temporarily going off grid. Click on any item for more details or to buy now!


5 Gallon Solar Shower Bag- SHOP NOW

This is the most budget friendly way to shower regularly as a nomad.  Simply fill up with water and leave out in the sunshine for a few hours to heat up the water.  Then hang up anywhere and turn the hose head to turn water on and off. No water pumps or electric needed.


Biodegradable Soap- SHOP NOW

Organic and vegan ingredients that will NOT hurt the environment if you need to use it outside.  Non-biodegradable soaps and body washes can harm the animals and environment around you, so this is so important! It can be used for cleaning yourself or your clothes or your dishes.


Baby Wipes or Body Wipes – SHOP NOW

Either these or adult body wipes (but baby wipes are usually cheaper). You will use these way more than you expect!! If your water supply is limited or nonexistent, these are a good way to clean up dirty feet before hopping into your bed sheets or sleeping bag, or for dirty hands before eating.  And let’s be real.. you can use them for your private areas too to clean yourself up when showers are not an option. Hygiene is important.


1 Litre (8 Cup) French Press Coffee Maker- SHOP NOW

I use this everyday in my van.  Simply boil water and pour it over the grounds and wait a few minutes. Chose to list the one with rubber or plastic bottom because it won’t break as easily if it gets bounced around on rough roads.


Aluminum Kettle, boils water fast- SHOP NOW

Along with the french press above, I use this daily in my van. Whether I’m boiling water for coffee or for a recipe, a kettle boils water so much faster than it does in a pot.  Saves propane and/or electricity.

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